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NY-SIN-TPE & everywhere else in between

I’m terrible at updating blogs. Ugh.
Anyway, everything has been awesome and booked tickets to Phuket, Thailand for the last wee before we leave!!! Awww yeaaah.

Bangkok this weekend fuck yea

so this happened

got back home too late and woke up too late. missed alarm, now finally at work an hour late.

good thing it was nbd. was bound to happen some time right?

Summer Haze.

It’s hazy in Singapore. Really hazy. Hazy as in you can’t really see far away buildings, much less the blue sky.

Apparently the haze is due to the burning of trees/forest fires from Indonesia. The conditions are terrible! The haze is so apparent people need to wear masks on the streets.

My fellow interns are wearing marks inside the office. Personally, I think it smells like smoked cheese. I like smoked cheese.

Exhausting weekend!

Saturday- Went to Sentosa waterpark and aquarium (supposedly the largest aquarium in the world!). The waterpark was fun… but really, really long queues, so we only went on like 3 rides. That’s to be expected though. At least I got tanner :) The aquarium was awesome, but underwhelming. It was really mindblowing to see massive tanks and so many fish swimming. But it was just that. The jellyfish were cute too, but I wanted to see sea turtles. The wait to the aquarium was 1.5 hours too. So, we were exhausted.

Sunday- Explored Orchard Road. It is huge and there’s soooo many shopping malls! Got a nice food massage. It hurt, but my feet feel better now. It was relatively cheap too. Got a manicure too. I plan to get more massages— hopefully weekly if I have time! 

so tired merpppppp

Steam boat aka hot pot buffet yum!

Kuala Lumpur bird park. Absolutely incredible- so many peacocks, flamingos, parrots, ostriches, emus and more

Petronas Towers!

Week 2

Week 2 updates!
Nothing to exciting to write about. Lab is wonderful and everyone is so so nice. I’m glad that there are other students my age here— it makes everything more fun :)

Started my project with cell culturing, cell staining, and cell treatment aka drugging the cells. I’m always sort of tired during work though… must sleep more.

Also, MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpur) tomorrow! Haven’t planned much for it yet though… but yeah we should be able to work it out.

Traveling sure is exhausting…

One week in Singapore.

Only been in Singapore for one week and I felt like I’ve been here for so long— in a good way!

Went kayaking by the beach and biking on a such a cute island! Took many pictures and am enjoying the company of great people.

Starting actual experimentation soon. Culturing cells right now so yay!

Also, just booked tickets to Bali, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur!! 
Spent like $500 for tickets, but I guess that’s not terrible. And it’ll be so much fun I’m so excited and happy. May go to Ho Chi Minh City as well. YAY.

Booked tickets to Bangkok awww yeah